When members don’t agree

with church doctrine, what should happen to them?

T.C. wrote a post about Mars Hill. The church wiped the slate clean on members, preached 13 weeks of doctrine and then they interviewed everyone to see who agreed and didn’t – who could stay and who would go.

I do think it’s a good idea to be clear on church doctrine. I meet too many people who don’t have a clue and while they could learn themselves, it would be a good idea for the church to engage in some exact teaching.

I do think it’s a good idea to make sure that the people sitting in the pews (that are members) have doctrinally sound beliefs. BUT if they don’t, what happens then? And how many of the doctrines can they disagree with? Is it a 100 percent or nothing? Is there one of the 13 that has any wiggle room? Do we just flat out ask them to leave? Do we give them a waiting period to reconsider? I don’t know. Maybe after sitting through the sermons, they realized that Mars Hill wasn’t the place for them anymore.

As I said on New Leaven, this may sound good in theory, but how does this play out in reality? Christ was blunt at times. When I taught through the gospels, I was surprised at how harsh his words seemed periodically. I certainly don’t want someone sitting in church week after week thinking they are saved when they are not. I want them to know. I want them to be right with God.

4 thoughts on “When members don’t agree

  1. Google Watermark Church in Dallas. They have a system in place. I don’t go there, but have read it on their website. It is a yearly part of their membership process.

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