Google docs

Since my school district cut off dropbox, I’ve been looking at different avenues so I don’t have to carry that silly USB drive back and forth (or more likely – forget it one place or another).

Just to be clear – nothing  has been as nice or easy to use as dropbox.

I thought about google docs. The thing is it’s still and upload, download action unlike dropbox which is a file folder that syncs – much like xmarks. I’m having a HUGE problem with google docs though and word docs are NOT uploading. Power Points are, but not docs (docx). I did some searching, I see others having the same problem. I see talk that is is resolved, but I still can’t get them uploaded. The docx extension is supposed to upload, and I’ve got too many files to go back in and change them all to an earlier version.

Has anyone else had this problem? Anything you can tell me to help would be appreciated. I don’t know that I like google docs well enough for it to be the only thing I depend on, but I won’t be in a panic if I forget my drive . . .


6 thoughts on “Google docs

  1. That’s really disappointing about dropbox. I thought your university would change their mind. I’m glad my school still lets me get to it. I’d be lost without that thing!


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