when will people learn

they cannot repeat whatever they think on social media?

This particular incident happened at the the University of Minnesota Duluth.

On April 14, two white female students allegedly engaged in a Facebook wall discussion about a black female student who had entered the study lounge they were in. The social networking site allowed the conversation to be seen by their Facebook friends, and it quickly spread. The racist conversation included several slurs.

There really are multiple issues here. The most explicit is the racism which I just cannot comprehend for society as a whole. What is it about the color of someone’s skin that makes them different enough to make any comment? Then there is the use of facebook to articulate any thought that comes into the brain. Why do people not understand that they things they write down will be seen and if they are of any kind of interest, they’ll be passed along? Talk about a wildfire waiting to take off! The other and less obvious issue is that phenomenon that we get to actually say or write anything we think or feel without regard to others. The notion that our need to express ourselves weighs greater than anything else on the planet is astounding and IMHO will do us great harm as a civilization.


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