help me with a name please

I need a catchy name for an idea I got in a conference.

The kids take the piece of paper given to them and fold it into 4 parts – that gives them 8 boxes using both sides. They label each box an fill in pertinent info for that math topic. My partner does something similar in English and calls the page “runners.” Each letter in Runners stands for something.

So the concepts I thought would be good to include for review are:

  1. Measurement Conversions
  2. Charts and graphs
  3. Fractions
  4. Triangles & angles
  5. Quadrilaterals
  6. Sides & Diagonals
  7. Data
  8. Interior Angles

So I need a clever name to call this page so they know immediately what to do. Help!


2 thoughts on “help me with a name please

  1. How about – “[State Test Acronym] Formulas”? 😉

    I like the foldable craze that’s going around these days. It keeps kids engaged and lets them decorate their notes a bit.

  2. Ha! well I could just call it the EOG review!

    These came in on Facebook:
    sum – squares
    math – mate

    I loved foldables and use them a lot. I’ve got a video that’s about 15 years old explaining how to make them from a science teacher. BUT I’d not thought about using one for a year’s worth of material. Needless to say there was a bit of give and a lot of take to make it work 😉

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