Don’t make that class too hard .. .

Or you might just get your teaching load changed – while you are teaching it. From the Advocate.

So is the prof really that hard or is the class full of slackers?OK, I’ve seen some slackers in my time. I’ve seen some tough profs. This one does have 30 years at LSU.


Students in introductory biology don’t need to worry about meeting her standards anymore. LSU removed her from teaching, mid-semester, and raised the grades of students in the class. In so doing, the university’s administration has set off a debate about grade inflation, due process and a professor’s right to set standards in her own course.

To Homberger and her supporters, the university’s action has violated principles of academic freedom and weakened the faculty.

“This is terrible. It undercuts all of what we do,” said Brooks Ellwood, president of the LSU Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, and the Robey H. Clark Distinguished Professor of Geology. “If you are a non-tenured professor at this university, you have to think very seriously about whether you are going to fail too many students for the administration to tolerate.”

Even for those who, like Homberger, are tenured, there is a risk of losing the ability to stick to your standards, he said, Teaching geology, he said, there are students who get upset when he talks about the actual age of the earth and about evolution. “Now students can complain to a dean” and have him removed, Elwood said. “I worry that my ability to teach in the classroom has been diminished.”

I do not like the way this one is coming down. There is more in the article – like Homberger encouraging here students to meet the bar she had set and that many of them were.


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