Women bibliobloggers

Dr. Gayle has a couple of recent posts listing women bibliobloggers.

Women Writer Bans

Top Ranking Bibliobloggers

I have read some of them previously. Some are on my blogroll or in my reader and I read them regularly. Some are not – for the same reasons that anyone might not be there.

The previous top 50 site kept a list of biblioblogs AND related blogs – which I shamelessly copied. Many, if not all, of the women listed by Dr. Gayle were on that list with a couple more. The complete list was more important to me than the top 50 because it did list a variety of blogs.

I don’t want to find or read a blog particularly because of gender related issues, I want to read it because of content. What I don’t want to happen is that I miss out on a good blog because it and I haven’t crossed paths, so I always appreciate being pointed in the direction of someone whose writings I might enjoy.

Most of the blogs I read now, I found linked, referenced or commented from someone’s blog I was already reading.

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