The Dissection Game

I’ve read several articles about virtual dissection – or the lack of real dissection in classrooms. You know what I’m talking about – frogs, worms, fetal pigs, cats. Well, it can be done virtually. The classrooms range from HS to college. In some places, that’s the only way it is done. In others, this is an opt-out choice.

Now the question at hand is: Do you really have to dissect something to understand the layout of that thing’s inner workings? I’m talking non-medical here. I do think that if you are going to possibly operate on living things, it’s a good idea to get a bit more in-depth practice on those very things. But for your average guy or gal (like a math major turned librarian), surely really good pictures are good enough., and a virual dissection could really take the place of the real one.

What do I remember about dissections (HS, college and roaming the halls of secondary institutions)? Migraines. What ever they put those critters in to preserve them makes my head feel like it could absolutely fall off. I’m all for dissection by proxy.

Here is a dissection game for you to play.


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