Money Back Guarantee

Oh really?

This College Says: Get a Job — or Get Your Money Back

Now, one community college is looking to make its product risk-free and more consumer-friendly. Lansing Community College in Lansing, Mich., offers six-week training courses for students interested in careers as call-center specialists, pharmacy technicians, quality inspectors and computer machinists. The cost for each of these certificate programs is is $2,400, but a special money-back guarantee program is being offered to 61 students. If they attend every class, complete every assignment, and make a good-faith effort to get a job, if they are unable to find employment within a year after graduation, they’ll get their tuition back.

ahhh – so it’s not for everyone for every thing . . .

later in the article:

There is ample data to suggest that hundreds of thousands of kids are enrolling in college each year who will later find themselves worse off financially for the experience.

True. But isn’t an education worth something aside from or even without the job? I didn’t get a job specifically in my undergrad field. I went back and pick up education courses after graduation. I may well not be able to find a library job when I finish the mls, but I’m still learning a great deal that I may be able to put to use in other ways. How many of us have worked at a variety of places before getting that job for which we’d been educated?

Of course this community college is looking at specific training in specific fields, but I have a problem with guaranteed jobs based on education. The person still has to make a good impression, seem knowledgeable, act like they’ve got good sense and make a tremendous effort to find that job. They will still be trained with no experience competing in whatever marketplace they have chosen.



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