Access Denied! Dropbox

OK, I’ve been using for months now without any trouble. Today I walk in and call it up to get my lesson files for the day and got


I tried again and again it happens. Still can’t get in. Had to get the building tech person fill out a work order . . .



4 thoughts on “Access Denied! Dropbox

  1. So after hearing back from IT, they blocked the site yesterday due to concerns over spyware. I can fill out paperwork to get special permission, but maybe there is something else out there (besides a USB drive) to use . . .

    Major *sigh*

  2. Well, it’s been frustrating to think you’ve found the perfect thing and then have it pulled. At the bottom of the form I can fill is clearly written that any over-ride access given to a site is only temporary and can be pulled at any time by the tech department.

    Since this, I’ve noticed my formatting on wordpress is completely gone. It’s just posts stacked on top of each other. I use a wordpress blog linked to my school web page because it’s so much easier to add information to it.

    *heavy sigh*

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