Please tell me that you . . .

read some woman’s blog some where, some time on a regular basis! Please tell me that you know women who write substantially about some important issue or issues that are of interest to you. Please tell me that you read women who are witty and concerned and speak with great passion from their hearts – women that are knowledgeable, accomplished, extraordinary. Please tell me that you have women on your blog rolls, not because they are women, but because you love to read what they have to say from their unique perspective.

Please tell me.


13 thoughts on “Please tell me that you . . .

  1. I love to read your thoughts! And some of the ladies who have posted over at Parchment and Pen have been quite readable.

    But you stand as the sole female blog on my blogroll. I hope that is a pleasant thought.

    Actually, that is not quite true. There is one other. But I was honestly considering dropping it – as I rarely find the content interesting for me personally (was pulled in by a singular post months ago).

    But I’d be up to widening my reading. I honestly can’t say I’ve looked very hard. Any suggestions?


  2. I read several:) And you know I read yours. I might miss a post every now and then as you are such a prolific blogger, but I am for sure a regular reader.

    Hum. I just counted and all but three of the blogs on my blogroll are written by women. One I wish you’d check out Bitsy is A Diary of a Mom.

    Excellent. She writes passionately about autism. Her youngest daughter has it. I cry almost every time I read.

  3. Thanks to you all!

    Kat, I put that blog on my feeder to check it out for a while.

    Like so many of you have expressed, I read what I like to read for both content and style. I’ve got an email newsletter subscription from one guy. His content is good, but his style is so poor that I couldn’t read his blog and frequently don’t read a complete email. I do read more men than women. I’m sure that is because of the things I’m interested in. And actually (as I’ve written before) when I started commenting on biblioblogs, I was welcomed with open arms in an amazing way. I’m always surprised when I hear of women not feeling accepted. Of course, I don’t have a biblioblog and that might be a bigger difference than I can see from this vantage.

    So many of the blogs I read, I got from one of your blogs either through a direct link or a comment. Something was compelling in the clip or snip or comment that made me want to check to see if there was more of the same.

  4. Please know that I enjoy reading, and read regularly, your blog. Read it because you are the Jack Of All Trades who confesses trying to do everything there is to do in life!

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