Hand of Fate by Lis Wiehl

Ms. Wiehl wrote this book with April Henry. Thanks so much to Thomas Nelson for this review copy!

Hand of Fate is the second book in a trilogy – missed the first one. Book centers around three gals in their early thirties. Cassidy, Nicole and Allison went to high school together and hooked back up due to their interest in crime. Nicole is FBI, Allison is with a federal prosecutor and Cassidy is a local reporter. Allison and her husband are Christians as is Nicole’s mom. The others treat anything related with skepticism.

Story starts with Jim Fate, a syndicated radio personality, being killed in the studio by a mysterious gas. Downtown is in a panic as word gets out that it might be Sarin gas. Cassidy has a former relationship with Fate (as do many other women in the city) which complicates the investigation.

Story is an easy read and a page turner if not especially deep. Ending was a bit of a surprise although the set up for it was certainly there. The relationship between the three women seems a little superficial but genuine with ups and downs that naturally occur with friends.

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