Looking for blogs about libraries and librarians

Generic ones that is. There are plenty out there for specific libraries and those may well be helpful to my education, but there are too many to go through and choose from this beautiful Good Friday.

What I noticed in my brief search of WP blogs on libraries and librarians is that a good many  are nearly empty. On one, I know I hit the home button several times expecting there to be more than the one post – it was a very good post, but it did stand alone from last year.

This reminds me of conversations of past. Writing is not for everyone. Blogging is not for everyone. You’ve got to  something to talk about, AND a passion for sharing information.

I did find a couple that looked promising. I’ll keep my eye on them for a while – at least until I can look again.

One thought on “Looking for blogs about libraries and librarians

  1. http://bookfuturism.com/

    Not necessarily a blog about libraries, but it is a blog on the future of books. I will try to find a copy of an article in the last “West Of” journal (it’s the weekly paper for the West of the Ashley area of Charleston). The Rabid AArdvark’s column was about the future of libraries….

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