Hunter’s Moon by Don Hoesel

Thanks to Bethany House and Jim Hart for this review copy!

Hunter’s Moon introduces us to C.J. Baxter, a successful novelist and new Christian. C.J. should be on top of the world, but his wife has had an affair and taken almost all of his worldly possessions including the dog, and C.J. is being sued by a critic that he unceremoniously popped with a copy of his latest book.

To top things off, C.J. is called on to return home at the death of his grandfather. Family secrets are deep and dark and found everywhere. He does rekindle some old friendships as he manages to tick off a great number of other people.

I hadn’t read anything by Hoesel before Hunter’s Moon, and it was a pleasant read. Some of the characters could have been from my past and the story was fast paced and easy to read. No sermons were preached but C.J.’s new found faith was worked into the book on several occasions in a very natural way.  If you like suspense, this is a great one with which to spend some time.


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