Complementarian or Equalitarian

Digging around through old blogs, I ended up at this one that used to be on my reader. I’m sure I took it off in one of my frequent purges because of its lack of activity.I know from time to time, I’d cringe at least a little over words said or how they were perceived.

Is that it? We either can’t talk civilly or we just can’t talk?

4 thoughts on “Complementarian or Equalitarian

  1. I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying here (remember Ima dizhead).

    P.S. I thought the comment on compl. being on life support was very insular.

  2. well, being a dizhead here too, I’m sure I wasn’t making sense – plus it was close to midnight. I was just thinking that everywhere the discussion comes up, it seems heated or absent. Since complequalitarian isn’t even posting new comments, I thought maybe the folks just got tired. I also remember their old site and things got even stickier there.

  3. I don’t think I ever saw the old site. The new one seems to be egalitarians and any complementarians are barbarians, which rhymes. But comps often think they are the only ones Biblically correct so there they stand. (

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