No Teacher Left Behind

and yet there are so many . . .

Here is a blog from a pink-slipped teacher in Illinois – No Teacher Left Behind. A reflection of what has happened to so many of us.

I did take some notes from my experience last year, but I couldn’t write about it blatantly. It was painful. I wanted to put my energies into getting a new job. I didn’t want job loss to define me. I didn’t want anything I had to say to damage my chances at anything new, and yet, as a writer, I took notes. Perhaps there are some future posts on my personal experiences but perhaps those thoughts will stay in note form.


4 thoughts on “No Teacher Left Behind

  1. Time is a wonderful healer for sure so the pain isn’t near the top if any still exists – more just thoughts that no one is exempt and it could happen at any time again.

    Stress this time of year knowing you won’t be back is difficult though – continuing for months with an organization that has told you they don’t want you any more has its own difficulties.

    I was reading the opinions of many in an article I found about this situation in Illinois. People seem to think that teachers are getting what they deserve, but while I’m concerned about the adults involved, I’m more concerned for the children involved. I’ve read recent studies that show that students do just as well overall in larger classrooms than smaller ones, but I wonder how that’s true. As classroom size grows, discipline issues increase. Less time is spent on academics.

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