Firing every adult in a school building

Last week, I mentioned the mass of school closings. This is different. These are low performing schools that apparently think they need a jump start with an entirely new staff.

When it was announced that a certain Rhode Island school was going to fire the entire staff, I commented on FB, “Isn’t there one teacher in the entire school worth keeping?” No one with the right experience, zeal, relationship with the kids? No one? I woke up this morning to news that a school in Georgia has decided to take the all or nothing approach (emphasis on the nothing) to keeping teachers. Now the school in GA is apparently considering rehiring up to 49% of its teachers. Well, why put the ones that will be offered jobs through this?

It’s happened again and again. One of those schools (at 50% lay offs) is in the county in which I teach. Now at least 50% imho is a much more realistic figure. I am not for keeping teachers who do not manage classrooms properly or teach the curriculum. I’m not for keeping teachers with the poor attitude that the kids they teach can’t learn, But if teachers classes are failing, talk to them and find out why. If they have that crummy attitude, send them on their ways. BUT if they want to teach and need more skills to work with a certain population, then help them get those skills OR transfer them and offer some kind of incentive for a teacher that has the right skill set.

Update – this is from the local paper about two schools in this school system that are planning to take the federal grants and reassign 50% of the teachers. Thanks to Sandy for the heads up on FB.


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