Random thoughts from a busy week

Another busy week! They are growing annoying. I’m longing for a bit of relaxation that is not coupled with exhaustion.

We are finished with Saturday Academy, but now into Extended Learning. The school day is 1.5 hours longer on Mondays and Wednesdays. We have staff meetings on Tuesdays. I had a monthly meeting on Thursday that I had to skip out on to get to the allergist for a shot. Friday night we had a dance from 6-8. I signed up to work from 6-7, but that meant spending another afternoon at school. There was of course plenty to do!. The kids tested last week (benchmarks) and that information had to organized for new groupings.

Next week we still have extended learning and Tuesday night there is a parent meeting from 6 to 7. I’m on my second editing assignment which brings in a nice chunk of change, and I’m trying to finish up my current research paper.

I do have a research proposal left. If you have anything you’d like to know more about in Library Science, PLEASE comment and let me see if I can work it into a proposal.

I’ve deleted hundreds and hundreds of items from my feed the last couple of weeks without glancing at any of them (and done nothing more on FB than check in for major happenings). Someone had suggested that feeds be organized into folders. I can’t remember who said that, but I’m so grateful they did. I have a favorites folder that I can check daily. I’ve got a “these are great too” folder that I can check frequently, but don’t feel a burning need to read every title. The other folders, I whittled down today. I had a books folder and a library job folder and an ed tips folder. Those are virtually gone – not completely but nearly. The crafts folder went the way of The DoDo. That one was painful but also the least helpful at this point in my life. I kept the local news.

NC Educators Grade State Lawmakers. Dale Folwell is mentioned here. He earned an F. I laughed when I saw that he’d worn his F as a badge of honor. I like Folwell. He is the only politician that has called the house himself to talk with us. He let me ask him any question and he answered them. I’d love to know what the organization’s criteria was for voting wrong on all the bills . . .

Budget Cuts Mean Fewer NC Teachers. Well education is just in a mess. I do not know where money is supposed to come from, but I do know that 35 kids in a room is a disaster in this day and time. It might have worked when I was a kid, but I don’t ever remember having a class that large. All I know is that the larger the classes, the more time that is spent with discipline and not education. I did not get into education to be a patrol officer. NC is not alone. Detroit plans to close 25% of its schools.  So many more can be found in a search.

Could School Bus Ads Save School Budgets? These are ads on the school buses aimed at children bought by merchants. Is this the answer for classrooms with less than 35 students? Oh, and I might be willing to wear sponsored clothes to school if it would help.

It’s the Classroom, Stupid. Classroom discipline, routine, teaching and learning. Are we giving struggling teachers the help they need? Really need? uhhhh NO. Good article, but I think it will go over like a lead balloon. Help costs money and it seems to be easier just to keep making the classes larger.

Hugs Outlawed at School. This one is just sad, but I can so see it happening! Kids are great manipulators. Hugs made them late for class, hugs disrupted class, hugs were used as a bullying tactic. Yet how awful to say, you can’t give hugs. I’ve read some comments from some of the articles out there. Some parents are upset because all the kids are being punished for the inappropriate behavior of some. Well, I don’t know how to monitor who can and who can’t. Which is an appropriate hug and which one is not. Halls are too crowded, rooms are too crowded. Besides, I’ve worked with kids a long time. What I know without a doubt is that one minute they are ok with something and the next minute, that very same something is not ok. That’s a lot to monitor (while teaching and learning math is supposed to be happening).

The Costs of Cheating Well this is just a big duh! I’ve been telling my students for years if I ask a question, the reason they can’t just blurt out the answer is because they are robbing their classmates of “thinking”!! If I ask one student a question, you can’t just jump in if you think they are too slow in answering because the other student needs that think time to develop his/her brain. Well, here’s the proof! If you don’t do your own thinking, then you just don’t know the material as well.

NC has a digital library if you are interested.

Lierre Keith, former vegan  got a cayenne pie in the face this month. I cannot imagine how much that hurt!


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