I hate time changes

I detest time change. I posted about it in October – don’t like it on either end. It seems an even more absurd bit of tradition when you find out how much more it costs in an effort to save.

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6 thoughts on “I hate time changes

  1. I’ve been posting everywhere how much I hate this. I need to have a regular sleep schedule because of insomnia, Bipolar stuff etc etc. It takes a long time to get back to ‘normal’. Do they realize how much this messes people up? I like the one in the fall because I like dark. This one is extra terrible. How much trouble would it cause to just stop it?

  2. It’s that loss of sleep that’s so hard I think. BUT it is also the body having to readjust to time. I always fight migraines more when my sleep pattern changes.

    Kevin, we did that in Indiana too for a long time – just didn’t do DST in part of the state. It’s mandated now and it costs a ton of money. Asking Ron about a move to Saskatchewan . . .

  3. Jeff – Time changes wreak havoc on my blood sugar control, too. When we changed back to Standard Time in October, I had several hypoglycemic episodes because times that I had been eating snack or a meal were an hour earlier than what the clock said. Having a similar problem this week, although not quite so bad.

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