I’ll have you

I fell asleep watching Tuesday’s episode of LOST. Getting up as early as I do, staying up until 10 is difficult. I made it about half way through and lost my own battle to sleep. Thank goodness for hulu 😉

This episode was about Ben primarily. I don’t like Ben. I didn’t like him from the beginning when he was Henry Gale. Emerson is a great Ben btw! In the alternate universe where Ben and Locke cross paths in a high school, I saw a Ben that I might like, however. One that cares for people apart from his personal gain – still an exceptionally intelligent man. I also felt just a tad sorry for Ben on the island digging his own grave. Why? I kept asking myself. The guy is the original slime ball. Then the MIB appears and sets Ben free. Llana catches up with him as he escapes, and he has to tell her he’s going to the MIB. “Why,” she asks. “Because he’s the only one that will have me,” Ben confesses. Then a surprise. Llana, who intended to kill Ben, says, “I’ll have you.”

Well! That’s a ton of food for thought. I could wax philosophical about the Christian aspects. As a matter of fact, I did, and then I erased them because I didn’t want to trivialize Christ in any way. But still, the connection is difficult to ignore. “I’ll have you.”

I thought about odd relationships that arise because someone first said, you can join me – or an employer willing to give someone a chance where chance had previously been withheld. A wounded spirit, a broken heart, an old meany. “I’ll have you.” Amazing words.


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