More plague facts

What an interesting topic – finding out a disease I thought was eradicated (or at least extinct) is really alive and well.

Still carried by small animals – mainly of the rat-like variety, but apparently cats are popular carriers too. Found in the Far East and the western US – answering my question about NC mountain lions. In people there is a several day incubation period, then lymph nodes swell, and it can be treated with antibiotics if found early enough.

Do not touch dead animals.Wear a protective suit if you will be in contact with dead animals. It is mainly transmitted through flea bites however.

There are quite a few sources including the CDC. That link has multiple pages. If you want to see what it does to a lymph node, they have a picture, but it’s not a pretty sight.

2 thoughts on “More plague facts

  1. Just saw this post. Glad it’s not here but do you think it’s just a matter of time? Wonder where it originated and how it came to be in the United States?

  2. I was a bit relieved too. I’m not sure about migration – it looked from the reading that it’s been out west for quite a while, but I couldn’t find maps that showed change. It would be interesting to read more and find out if it has spread. That would give us a better indication I think.

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