The Plague?

REally – from a mountain lion apparently. 21 people from Colorado State University were exposed in an examination.

Once the necropsy began, it became apparent the mountain lion was infected with the plague.

CSU spokesman Brad Bohlander said 21 people — including students, employees and a DOW worker — thought to have been exposed were immediately told to go to Poudre Valley Hospital for preventive treatment and were promised the school would cover deductibles and other costs not covered by their insurance.

CSU does not typically pay for treatment of veterinary students who need medical attention because of incidents related to their studies, Bohlander said.

But in this case, CSU will honor the promise to pay charges not covered by private insurance, he said.

First, I’m wondering how you treat exposure to the plague?

Second, I’m wondering if any insurance company covers the plague. Not something you hear much about and with all apologies to any friends I have in the insurance business, well, insurance companies will find a loophole to not pay as fast as the IRS finds one to make you pay.

Finally, while I agree that students should have individual insurance, some things are just so bizarre that schools should step in and take some responsibility – like exposure to the plague.


5 thoughts on “The Plague?

  1. it’s limtited mainly to animals and typically if one is exposed to it – the risk of death is extremely high – last year a young park ranger here at the Grand Canyon National Park found a dead mountain lion – he was found dead in his dorm three days later – he didn’t realize he had been exposed to the plague, which is what killed the lion. I hope these students survive.

  2. I live near the Smoky Mountains National Park Bitsy. I know there are bobcats in the Smokies. Not sure about mountain lions, although some have reported seeing them. Makes me wonder if we could have the plague here too. Very scary.

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