The problem with last seasons

I am talking LOST, but I’ve noticed it before. If it were a book I was reading and really enjoying (and I’m really liking this last season – except for weird Claire), then I’d set everything else aside and finish it. Might even read through some parts twice, but everything  could wait while I satisfied my need to read the end. BUT TV, you have to wait on it. When it gets good and ready, you can have the ending. Yet another reason books are superior.


4 thoughts on “The problem with last seasons

  1. Books are superior in every way to addictive tv shows. Still won’t keep me from watching Smallville when it comes back next month. 😉

  2. Bitsy, I never thought about it that way, but you are so right! I am totally hooked on LOST, and wish I could read the end, or watch for 24 hours non stop.

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