how do you keep a book open and type?

This is silly I know, but it bothers me. I like to type my notes after I’ve read through chapters. That’s easy enough if they are PDF files, but if I’ve got a thick and heavy book open, it keeps closing. I’ve set another book on it to help keep it open, but sometimes the top book slips off (in addition to obscuring information) and I’m thinking, “Do I keep typing my idea or keep my page?” I’ve used bookmarks, but then I have to keep opening the book again and again.

The thing is that none of this is efficient. Do you have an efficient way to keep your books open when you work with them at the computer?


5 thoughts on “how do you keep a book open and type?

  1. Have you tried a cook book holder? They will hold the book up and open pretty well (plus they usually accommodate fairly large books).

  2. I need to look into some kind of stand. I used to have one of those clear acrylic cookbook holders. I got it as a gift when we got married. It finally broke in some move.

    I did come up with a solution today which was to put the book that had been on top underneath one side. It unbalanced it enough to keep it open. I was looking at it thinking that was too easy AND why hadn’t I discovered it before 😉

  3. Shaun, when I got to the IKEA website, I thought that for that price, I’d get two, but they aren’t available online and we don’t have one here. Drat.

    I see a search in my future 😉

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