Free Kindle for Amazon Prime Customers?

Here is the article. There is another one linked within this one.

Interesting concept, but I kept thinking this is an odd trade off. A Kindle for your Amazon Prime subscription. I’ve been a subscriber in various years when I needed more books. Then at the end, there was this sentence:

It’s a bit ironic, though, that you might have to be subscribed to a program that gives a price-break on shipping in order to get a free Kindle, given that Kindle e-books don’t need “shipping” at all in the traditional sense.


6 thoughts on “Free Kindle for Amazon Prime Customers?

  1. Hey, that $80 a year could pay off.

    (Actually I order enough from Amazon yearly it already does. Though B&N is often cheaper on scholarly books, especially with coupons.)

  2. I’m trying to decide if I should join again. Certain years of my grad work, I have joined and it paid off. Right now, I’m not needing as many books, but shoot, if I got a Kindle out of it . . .

  3. Haha, all this and I’m still a member. Apparently continuously since 2004. No wonder I get my books so quickly 😀

    Don’t call me ding-dong, but you can certainly think it.

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