2 for one

Weeks that is. I really do think that we had two weeks crammed into one.

First – the kids had a almost a week’s vacation last week, so they returned like they had been on, well, vacation. Always need some refocusing. Refocusing on all kinds of stuff. Sometimes the things that slip out of practice surprise me.

One of the lower grade classes lost their heat, so they used one of the rooms we normally use. I was so glad there was a place in the building for them to move. But, it changed the dynamics of our reading and math classes. I had 37 kids in my science class three mornings! Yikes! It’s hard for them to listen and pay attention then. There is just too much going on – at every table, in every chair, in every corner of the room.

Test Monday night. First one for this class, so I didn’t quite know what it would be like. Still working on my paper.

Basketball game Tuesday night.

Wednesday night meeting for NCLB. That day was from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. from leaving to returning.

Thursday, there were over 550 items on my reader. Many got deleted. I read the ones in my favorites folder and then . . .

A letter arrived from insurance company  that was vaguely threatening about my migraine meds. My claim was denied. They need more info from the doctor. I’d asked for more meds than I was allowed per month. Really? When? No real person at the insurance company to speak with (I’m missing BCBSNC seriously), so I had to play telephone tag with the doctor’s office. We finally decided that what had set off the claim letter was that I’d put Imitrex on auto refill and the pharmacy kept trying to fill it days before the 30 that were allowable. Now why would they do that? I’ve tried to fill that script on the 30th day and insurance won’t touch it until day 31. The pharmacy knows that! I’ve talked with them many times over the years, but still, they tried and this week alone, I’ve received two letters from the insurance company. *very heavy sigh*

This morning on the way to work, about halfway there, I came to a dead stop. I’ve been trying to make up my extra hours this week – the ones I missed from last week’s snow days. I missed seven hours off the snow workdays. My aim was to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before start time today. There was apparently a trailer (of the tractor-trailer kind) on fire. I sat in park for 40 minutes. My 45 minute trip was extended by 75.  Praising heaven for a great team that I knew would step in and get things started while I sat and then crawled to work. I’ve tried to find a news piece on this. It’s hard to believe that something that started my day out with such a bang (or is that a whimper) can’t be found on the Internet anywhere.

Saturday academy to start tomorrow. Lesson plans needed developing for that. And there is a game tomorrow night. Snow is supposed to come in. I don’t want to see more, but . . .


2 thoughts on “2 for one

  1. What week! And more snow on the way this weekend — UGH! And maybe Monday-Tuesday double UGH!

    Our kids missed almost two weeks and now Monday is supposed to be a make up day and it’s supposed to snow starting Monday mid-day into Tuesday. So more days missed.

    Are your classes online? Which school? How do you like it?

    I hear you about insurance companies. I have Anthem (which is BCBS) and they’re really picky about prescriptions too. I have a diabetes med that they won’t fill until exactly the day when I’m supposed to run out. What if I drop one and can’t find it under the kitchen counter? I fill up my med container for a week at a time and I can’t refill that one till I’ve run out. What a PITA.

    Hope you get a restful weekend! Drop me a line sometimes virtualprofessor1 at gmail dot com


  2. Sunnie, I’m in the MLS program at East Carolina and it is online with the option to take classes on campus. I really like it. The only thing I wish were different was some kind of online consistency from prof to prof using Blackboard, naming files, discussion components. That consistency is not as important in f2f classes because you can ask more questions and if it’s not answered, you can ask again. Not as easy in the virtual environment.

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