4 thoughts on “First thing I saw today:

  1. Hi Bitsy. We got hit with the ice/sleet/snow stuff last Saturday. It is gone now but it proved to be a really big headache. I love snow but I have no love at all for ice and sleet. Today we are just getting rain. Flood warnings and watches all over the place. The rivers and streams are over flowing their banks. The old Cape Fear River looks like the Mississippi River right now. It is huge.

    Stay warm and stay safe.

    In Christ,

  2. Well, this beautiful snow turned into a torrential downpour of rain at 33 degrees about 10 a.m.

    So I got dressed and trudged out to school so I wouldn’t be docked anymore hours. In my 45 minute drive to school, I hit one slick spot that was only about a mile from school. Idiots on the road however. Weaving, speeding.

    When I left at 3pm, temps had dropped a degree, but the drive was ok for pouring rain 😉

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