New Members Classes

Just out of curiosity . . .

-Does your church have a new members class?

-What denomination is your church?

-How long is the class?

a. Number of classes

b. Time frame for each class



2 thoughts on “New Members Classes

  1. Considering that I just went through a new member’s class a little over a week ago, perhaps I can share.

    1. Yes
    2. We’re a non-denom (bible church)
    3. I believe it was about 2 hours
    a. 1 class
    b. Gospel presentation; beliefs on baptism and Lord’s supper; describing our testimony; history, vision, values, statement of faith of the church; discipleship in the church; government structure of the church; involvement in the church; membership rights and process

    I can be pretty specific because I still have the packet that they gave us. 🙂

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