Office 2010 Beta & Mendeley

I downloaded Office 2010 and have been using it over the weekend. So far, so good. Haven’t seen much of a difference yet from 2007, but I haven’t used it all that much either.

One of the things that popped up when I opened it was an MSO Live Workspace. It’s entirely possible that was there before and I just hadn’t found it, but you can keep documents there and it has 5gb of storage. You can share those documents with others.You need MS Silverlight.

I’ve been using dropbox, but it’s a little cumbersome on the school end because I have to download, save, work, save, upload. Dropbox is GREAT on this end because I could download what I needed on my computer here at home.  So, we’ll see how this other does.

I also downloaded Mendeley which helps you organize documents and references for research. Now I haven’t used it at all yet – except to look through it and decide to sign up and download the parts.  It looks promising and has some networking capabilities for various fields of research.

It also has web & desktop components. From the How it works portion of the site:

Create your bibliography database

The first thing to do is to import your research papers into Mendeley Desktop. You can do this manually by using the “Add Document” button on the interface or you can import existing EndNote XML, RIS, or BibTex files.

You can also drag and drop your PDFs into Mendeley Desktop, where it will then extract the document details, keywords and cited references. It also looks up Cross-Ref DOIs, arXiv IDs and PubMed document details automatically.

Your library of research papers will all be neatly and intuitively organized. You can search through your bibliography manager and filter by author, journal, keywords and even by assigning your own tags. This gives you immediate and quick access to your documents. Mendeley will even suggest papers not in your library which are similar in content or context.

To make life even easier, Mendeley can also take care of renaming your papers to more user-friendly file names. The bibliography manager can automatically rename all of your files to the same name format such as “Author – Title.pdf”, making it even easier to manage your research papers. There is also the folder monitoring tool, which allows Mendeley Desktop to automatically import any new files that you place into your selected folders.

You can access your Mendeley bibliography from any computer by having an online account. This means that whatever operating system you are using and wherever you are in the world, you can manipulate your bibliography and access it with ease.


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