Banned Dictionaries

Copies of the Merriam-Webster’s 10th Collegiate Edition dictionary (Merriam Webster, 2000) are back on classroom and library shelves at Oak Meadows Elementary School in Riverside County, CA, after being temporarily removed.

Officials at the Manifee Union School District, which serves close to 9,000 Pre-K to eighth grade students, pulled the books following objections from a parent that they contained the definitions of inappropriate sexual terms. But a panel of parents, teachers, and administrators decided last week to return copies of the dictionary to fourth and fifth grade students, along with a letter to parents asking for signed permission to allow their children to use them. Teachers will maintain a list of those students allowed to use the dictionary.

Read more at: Banned Dictionary Returned to Shelves


3 thoughts on “Banned Dictionaries

  1. Wow! It’s a dictionary! What do people expect it to do? Not have “offensive” words in it? Is our society that politically correct?

  2. yes, it is! You’d be surprised at the things that get criticized at schools. Children are to be protected from EVERY thing that is the least bit unpleasant.

    They should get good grades they didn’t earn, not be required to work for anything, and be allowed to speak to anyone in anyway they desire. It is the modern way.

  3. That “modern way” sucks. I had to work hard if I wanted good grades (although admittedly not as hard as I probably should’ve). I was told not to talk back to parents, teachers, adults. I was told to hold the door for elderly, ladies, etc. Today I’m the adult and these kids aren’t showing the respect that I was made to show.
    I’m sure many people say this, but when I have kids they will be different.

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