Perfectly lazy weekend

Well, with the snow falling the way it has, there was no where at all to go.

Here are some great pix of the snow from one of the local newspapers.

I did more research on ebook readers, netbooks, and the iPad. The iPad is a bit disappointing IMHO, although I do think it will push Kindle to do a bit more. Think I’m gonna go with an netbook. Now I’ve just got to narrow it down to a single one.

I’ve had old episodes of LOST in the DVD player getting ready for Tuesday night. Done a little reading on Library Science research. Thought a little about math lessons.

We are supposed to get more icky weather Tuesday and then next Friday. Something to which to look forward. *ahem*

All the churches that I know of were closed today. Roads were terrible. Some major roads were barely passable this afternoon. State roads looked fine. Schools all over are closed tomorrow already.

The Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro is still set to open tomorrow, but the gala dinner had to be postponed because of the weather. That has to be a disappointment.

Couple of silly things on FB – one is what was the #1 song the day you were born. Mine *rolling eyes* was a Conway Twitty song:

The other one is what celebrity you look like. For years people have told me I look like Diane Keaton or Annette Bening, but I ran a celebrity look alike program and they came up with Katie Couric.

I was reminded through some reading on jobs to always keep my resume up to date and ready to send off in a heartbeat.

The CBS FastDraw team explains the Census.


2 thoughts on “Perfectly lazy weekend

  1. Can I recommend the Asus Eee netbook? I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and have been absolutely impressed. I wouldn’t go for one with the Windows 7 Starter. Instead, get the Windows XP. Amazon seems to have the best prices on them right now.

    Wow! That sounded like spam. Hope this doesn’t end up in that folder.

  2. haha on the spam 😀

    Thanks Matt! Asus is one of the ones I have seen really good reviews on. I know I want a 10 hour battery and 250gb. I had no idea before I set aside the ereader idea that there were so many.

    I have been surprised at how many are listed on Amazon!

    I’ve been using an HP tablet for the past three years, so I don’t think it will take much to get used to the size.

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