Random pieces from a busy life

I’ve been hearing a commercial on the way home from safe medications for a medicine history to fill in, print out and take with you to the doctor.  I’d get home and forget all about it. So I remembered today and it looks good! here is the form.

Several of my coworkers were at the national Title 1 conference last week in DC. Secretary Duncan spoke and impressed them all. One of the stats they brought back I’d heard before, but it’s so revealing, I thought I’d post it again. What is the number one indicator as to a student’s success in school. Answer will be at the end *.

24 started back up. Spoiler alert for episode 4! Did you see it coming that Walker would cut off that hand! Man that was soooooo gross!

Where do you get your vitamins, herbs and minerals? I had been shopping at Puritan’s Pride, but switched to The Vitamin Shoppe to find something I couldn’t find elsewhere.

LOST starts next week. Could they keep us hanging any longer? AND I’ve got a conflict because WFU plays that night. I mentioned that to Ron and he just looked at me like I hadn’t really said it!

Tim Keller and Al Mohler both had reviews of The Shack today.

After benchmarks, I shared scores with all the students individually and we worked through all the problems. Students set individual learning goals. Of course those goals are easy to be serious about with scores staring you in the face. The tough part is keeping the desire for learning high day-in and day-out. Some of them have really stepped up to the plate in the last quarter. Some just don’t put in enough effort to see that effort plays a part in success.

I’ve signed up for several library and book blogs since that’s my area of focus. A couple of those produce vast numbers of posts daily! I’ve come home to hundreds and hundreds of posts in my reader each day. I finally had to break down and put my subscriptions in folders. There is the “must check” folder for you guys I want to check up on daily AND then several others – including a “books and libraries” which may be up to 1000s and 1000s by the time I get to it.

One last thing. Have you visited Jeff’s blog on Christian’s Suffering? If you have  or know someone with a chronic illness, you’ll find some good info and thoughtful discussion on this page.

*The number one indicator of a student’s success in school is the mother’s education level.

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