Brit Hume’s Testimony

TC (among others) posted about Hume’s advice to Tiger Woods. I’m linking his because a statement was made that among those critical of Hume are some Christians. I hadn’t seen that (although I can well imagine it happening), so I went looking for specific criticisms and found this very recent article on Christianity Today. I learned a few things about Mr. Hume.


2 thoughts on “Brit Hume’s Testimony

  1. Bitsy, I witnessed Hume’s testimony and must say it touched my heart and set an example on what we all should be doing in every aspect of our life. If anything, his past life outside the Will of God should be a part of his testimony of the grace and love of our Lord and Savior. It definitely convicted me, as I hope it would other real Christians, to be bolder about our faith. Thanks for posting this!

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