Unfriend or Defriend

First, I do know I’ve got to start thinking about deeper and more complex things. My brain has been on hiatus with the cough and stuffiness, but I’m back teaching and coursework starts up . . . well . . . today. In the meantime, frivolity is rather relaxing from time to time.

Esteban pointed out below that I incorrectly used the term Unfriend when everyone who is anyone knows it’s Defriend. I did google unfriend before I typed it into that post because I couldn’t quite remember (like I really and truly care 😉 ), and I did find Unfriend listed as that silly little ol’ word of the year. To put off further real work, I googled the title of this post and it seems I’m not the only one.

‘Unfriend’ or ‘Defriend?’ Facebook Fans Debate

Oxford: ‘Unfriend’ Is Simply More Popular
“Defriend seems to apply more to the action. Unfriend seems to apply more to the state of being,” she said.

But despite the continuing debate on and offline, Oxford said the decision was cut and dried.

“Unfriend was chosen because it’s much more common than defriend,” Lauren Appelwick, a publicist with Oxford University Press, Inc., told ABCNews.com.



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