What’s your favorite color?

OK, this is lame I know, but it shows up a lot in polls. I like red, but deep reds, some make me cringe. So what to pick?

What do you pick when you hafta?


11 thoughts on “What’s your favorite color?

  1. I don’t like blue and it drives me nuts because everything is blue. Microsoft, Facebook, lights on my computer, etc. I don’t like red either. Behind green is purple black and orange. (Obviously orange is not good for a lot of things although I never thought I’d see the day when they’d make orange cars.)

  2. When it comes to clothing, I choose black when I want to look thinner or baby blue when I want my eyes to stand out, lol! My granddaughter, Skyler, picked my favorite color to be ‘purple’ when we were learning colors 7 years ago…so whenever anyone asks me this question, I pick purple. 🙂

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