On shutting your blog down

If this is something you decide to do, then by all means do it (like we, your adoring fans, could stop you 😉 ), but you know, you could put a post up like ElShaddai did at least telling people why it’s gone – or even just that it’s gone.

It’s a bit disconcerting when you go to a blog and it’s just not there anymore. I will admit that it doesn’t bother me AS much if I can get in touch with you another way to make sure that you are still alive and kicking. But for some of the blogs I read, I don’t comment, I just read. If you are a half-way prolific blogger and then you are just not there, it bothers me. I worry about you. (That was probably why I was so hot when WP dumped Jack Of All Trades not too long ago.) Closure is nice! Put up a “Gone Fishing” sign, please don’t pull a disappearing act!

So, if you’ve got thoughts of leaving the field, taking a vacation, or you are just bored to tears with the thought of having to write one more post, well, just go ahead and write it anyway or I’ll worry.


9 thoughts on “On shutting your blog down

  1. I agree!

    (By the way I haven’t de-friended you from FB I have deactivated my acct while I am on holidays!)


  2. No, no, I’ll be back! I just needed to have a break…it was getting to me. I had no way of emailing you to let you know. Sorry!

  3. LOL, I dont think anyone has even noticed! I also wanted a break from “seeing” all the people at church…as much as I love them I needed a bit of break. 😉

  4. Bitsy, me too, I temproarily deactivated my FB but I did leave a status stament that I would e off FB for the month of January for a few days before deactivating. Like Mark and others, we all need a break now and again.

  5. Brian, we sure do need those breaks! AND if we don’t schedule them, life is too busy for them to just naturally occur. I hope you are refreshed by yours 😀

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