The talk of the town is

about Jim West and what happened to his blog. It’s down. He’s quit.

Having quit more things than I can count, I can’t blame him, but I will miss his wit, his knowledge and his surliness. Who else will post ghastly pictures with our names attached? I may actually have to look up Zwingli as to not have withdrawal.

I am hoping that the draw of this type of writing will prove too much and he’ll be back to his wicked blogging ways. While I’m waiting for that to happen, I’ll have to subscribe to at least 4 dozen other blogs to make up for the void my reader will be feeling.

It’s not April 1st is it?

15 thoughts on “The talk of the town is

  1. I agree Celucien. Some of the things I’m reading though seem to point to this as some kind of victory. Well, victory may not be the right word, more like he couldn’t stand the heat. I think Jim could stand most things thrown his way.

  2. Jeff – John Loftus rising in the biblioblogger ranks. Questioning of his humor, hits, etc. is what I meant by others thinking he couldn’t stand the heat. some of the comments I’ve read are mmmmm gloating.

    Personally, I still don’t think he’ll be able to stay away . . .

  3. this is my first reply on my new wireless keyboard.

    What I meant by “not stand the heat?” is, people think Jim can’t stand the heat? I doubt that but who knows. I certainly wouldn’t accuse him of that.
    Jeff zoom

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