A look at my 1st year on WordPress

Up until last year, just about this time, I blogged on blogger – in spurts. Robert Jimenez contacted me and suggested that I move to WP. I’d read his blog enough to know to trust him AND so many of the blogs I was already reading were on WP, so I took the plunge. AND now that I think of it, some of the people I enjoy most in biblioblogdom, contacted me for some reason pertaining to/about the blog, but not on the blog.

My top 10 referrers:

  1. New Leaven
  2. The Scroll
  3. alphainventions.com
  4. socks and chocolate
  5. google.com/reader/view
  6. WordPress Dashboard
  7. google.com/reader/view/?tab=my
  8. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
  9. Claude Mariottini (now this one surprises me!)
  10. en.wordpress.com/tag/scams

OK, I can’t just stop there because 11 & 12 are:

as of 10:12:28 am, I’d had 23,626 hits. Minuscule to some of you I know, but I’m surprised to have hit it.

Top Posts for the year:

  1. NES Staffing – NES Employment Solutions
  2. About Me
  3. New wine in old wineskins
  4. Apple Staffing
  5. Lego Noah’s Ark
  6. Asking for IM sign-up for job interview?
  7. CCC Recruiting
  8. ieryfbyjcshfbrtyfhhdger .net/fh845hf8f87
  9. The Voca People
  10. The amazing credit score email

Almost all of those had to do with my job hunt last summer. Not a single post that I sweated over, researched extensively, reviewed for a publisher or even wondered if I should hit the publish button because it was so intensely personal made the list. As a matter of fact, the top post about NES Staffing (scam) has 7 times the hits of the next post. I do hope those posts were/are helpful to other job hunters.

I don’t get the spam some of you get. Thank goodness!

Before I blogged, I communicated on bulletin boards. I still visit them sometimes, but they don’t have the same feel. When I blog and get no comments, that’s ok. Everyone in the world knows I was just expressing myself and if someone wants to join in, that’s ok. If they don’t, that’s wonderful too. Not the same on a bb where people are writing waiting for a response.

Waiting to see what the next year brings 😀


3 thoughts on “A look at my 1st year on WordPress

  1. Happy New Year, both for the day and for your blog. Looking forward to your posts this upcoming year. Also, I have no regrets switching over to WP, as Blogger just didn’t suit me.

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