Under the weather

AND boy have I been under with either a really bad cold for a light case of the flu.

To top it all off, we’ve been traveling. Got back home yesterday and I was ever so grateful to hit my sheets. I stayed cold the entire time we were gone. Nothing like a thick set of flannel sheets to warm you up!

Today’s the first day I’ve felt like sitting up long enough to type, and I’m thinking this Christmas theme has to go. There are almost 500 items in my reader, so if I miss something you said, please forgive me 😉


4 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I had something similar about two weeks before the holidays. It’s not fun!

  2. Hi Bitsy!

    Hope you get feeling better. Everyone around here is getting the same type symptoms. I came down with it in early December and lost my voice during the last week of the semester.

    You are in my prayers!

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