J terms

I was reading over on Dr. Black’s blog and noticed the dreaded words “J-Term.”

I am so grateful my current program does NOT offer them. I’d be tempted to put another class down even though I think the devil himself devised them. I had to take a couple in the MAT program at Salem. boo hiss pffffftttttt YUCK.  Each time, I felt fried and that I hadn’t learn nearly what I’d signed up for. I remember in one sitting down for the exam, five essay questions, reading the first question and feeling my heart begin to race. I had a vague recollection of the topic. Vague in that I knew it was one of the 2000 things we’d discussed that month, any more was a guessing game. I was so panicked, I couldn’t even read the other questions. I did get through it. I did pass with a good grade. I lived to start Spring term the next night. Joy of joys.

3 thoughts on “J terms

  1. This past semester I taught two 8-week courses and many of my students felt the same way. It is just too much material in too short a period of time. Spread out over the normal 16-weeks it would be fine, but in 8-weeks the students feel like they are just getting hammered. I trust your current MLS program is going well. Masters of Arts in Teaching and Master of Library Science, you certainly are a “jack of all trades”. 🙂

    In Christ,

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