Another Chrome update

I am still really liking it, but I’ve noticed a couple of things that are issues for me.

1) I cannot open a PDF document. I get this  message

This is awfully inconvenient with as many PDF files as I come across in research. This is apparently because I have AA Pro 9.

UPDATE: Found this link. I’ve tried several of the tricks from putting the listed .dll file in a plugin folder to downloading the foxit reader. I did finally get pdfs to open by going into Acrobat and changing my preferences there for the internet, but now the pdfs open in Acrobat and not Chrome. I prefer for them to open in the browser. So I’m still looking . . .

Update 2: Found this and it worked – I have both Adobe Acrobat Pro and Reader installed on my Vista laptop. I opened Adobe Acrobat Pro Edit->Preferences->Internet -> Button “Internet settings” -> Programs -> button “Manage Add-ons” -> Toolbars and extensions. There are two plug-ins Adobe PDF Reader and Adobe PDF. I disabled Adobe PDF Reader, and now pdf files open in Chrome every time.

I also found a Chrome forum

The other thing was that it would not let me print the real postage label from PayPal. It just kept printing the sample. At first I thought I’d clicked the wrong button, but that wasn’t it. It was Chrome.


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