What is the draw of beliefnet for a blogger?

Several people I used to read up and went over there. I tried to read them at first, but the place is atrocious. Now, if I mouse-over and it shows the blog is at BN, I don’t even give it a click. YUCK!

I know some keep reading those bloggers because I see them mentioned from time to time. Do they get paid? (HA, that would be the blogger, not the reader. Seems backwards doesn’t it?) Wouldn’t it be better to get your own domain and stick up some affiliate ads?

Surely some of them get some twinges of guilt when they look at their own blogs. 😉

10 thoughts on “What is the draw of beliefnet for a blogger?

  1. I’ve never had this confirmed but I suspect (as it seems you do too) that the bloggers who go to Beliefnet receive some kind of compensation. I can’t see any other reason for doing it. It’s not particularly attractive. The commenting features are the worst. The ads are ridiculous and pervasive. It just doesn’t make any sense! I won’t even keep Beliefnet blogs in my Google Reader anymore since the posts are truncated!

  2. I like Kevin Deyoung and Justin Taylor. Through a feed reader it’s not too bad. I don’t get popups on the site. Christianity Today is worse. Not that they have much content.

  3. Nick, there has got to be money involved because I know they lose some readers they had before they moved. Of course, they may pick some up that just hang out at beliefnet. Now itis really sad that they’d move for money and not care about keeping loyal readers.

    Esteban! They did move in the first place, so I don’t know that the conscience is kicking much!

    Jeff, It is absolutely awful! That’s why when Dr. Black teased about going there, I caved 😉

  4. Jason, that is very true. Thinking we don’t have much influence there though because it hasn’t imploded from our lack of participation. *sigh*

    Maybe if we can get enough people to boycott them . . .

  5. Bitsy: But alas, too many other religions are represented and we are simply outnumbered. Concerning the Christian blogs, perhaps we may be so effective. In fact, I’m unsubscribing to the two on my reader now!

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