do Baptists believe in the Trinity?

Posted on one of the boards I read. uhhhh yes. Every Baptist I’ve ever known has believed in the Trinity. I do realize that in the great scheme of things I haven’t know all that many Baptists out of all the Baptists that have ever lived and walked on earth. AND I mean believe as in recognize – not necessarily a personal salvation type belief. (Can you tell I had some arguers today? :P)

Am I missing something? Are there Baptist groups that don’t believe in the Trinity?

4 thoughts on “do Baptists believe in the Trinity?

  1. I’ve attended numerous Southern Baptist-aligned churches as a military brat, and must admit – I was never at one that professed to deny the Trinity. In fact, it seems so presupposed among baptists that it isn’t something you hear a lot about. It’s not contentious, not questioned.

    But if and when you do bring it up, I have found that you should be prepared to get some eye rolls. There is a certain anti-scholastic bent I’ve found, and bringing up the Trinity smacks of debate, rhetoric, etc. Get the same reaction expressing the importance of learning Greek, or learning about textual criticism.

  2. George, we’ve almost always been in an SBC church too – but bigger ones and I haven’t run across that trend as often. When I was leading associational conferences though, I ran across that attitude a lot (that and KJV preferred – if not only).

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