It’s the middle of the night

Don’t you love it when you should be asleep and you are up?! Very glad we aren’t going anywhere in the morning.

There is even more snow now than there was. Thick blanket. I really hope that it won’t turn to freezing rain as it usually does. Fire is still crackling in the living room.

I went 29 days with out a migraine. That is an amazing amount of time for me. I usually get about one a week these days, but it does happen occasionally and I really cherish the time. It wasn’t completely pain free, but never bad enough to resort to meds. This week I’ve not been so lucky. Allergies have kicked in and they frequently set them off. I made up for lost time and had 2.

Pastor Eric has a great Christmas story over at Monday Morning Review. He is Peter‘s pastor btw.

Have you noticed TC posting more about the HCSB?

Jason is still sporting Saints attire.

Matt had a funny post about 2-column proofs and a triangle. I had given my class baggies of straws and they had to see which three lengths would or would not form a triangle. This worked out much better than the beans had for volume. They did actually see (most of them anyway) that the sum of the two shorter sides had to be longer than the length of the longest side to make a triangle.

Which reminds me that I’m not getting pings all the time. Pings seem to be contrary things.

I hate it when this happens – that I’m typing and all of the sudden text becomes highlighted (on its own) and then it’s gone because I don’t realize it and keep typing. I never had that happen before I got Vista. It’s ok on a word doc because I can recover my text, but here, the words are just gone.

Nick had an interesting post on people who want to make the Bible say what they want it to say just like they force the square peg into the round hole. I didn’t comment but I kept thinking about it. Wondering when it started that everything we read, hear, do has to fit our own agenda and of course I thought about kids that keep asking how they are going to use the math I teach them in the real world. Why do they have to learn it? You learn it because it helps you think. There isn’t a one-to-one correlation for everything in academia. You learn this because it will help you with that. You learn that because it leads there. Once you get there, you may never see this subject again, but you’ve got options because you stuck it out and got there. AND in the process you still learned to think and you did learn something about math. I can’t change what math does. I can’t make it be more helpful for the average person past arithmetic and some algebra.  Isn’t Bible study the same? I can study the text, I can understand the words and the historical background. I can memorize sections and use them in different contexts, but I can’t keep reshaping those words to do what I want.

Christmas lights are all around (I’ve got some that are rather skimpy in comparison and certainly have no theme other than to provide light).  Put your blinders on for this one. I’m always amazed at how some people go all out with their yards. I tried to find the pix of the hanging deer in lights, but couldn’t come up with the right terms! We have a festival of lights at Tanglewood Park.  We used to go every year when the kids were home. But it’s a madhouse over there! Here’s a YouTube from 2006. And to top off the lights, Joel reported that Jesus killed Santa. Kindof surprised that one wasn’t lit up for the season.

The grad programs I’ve been in use the APA style manual for citations. I’ve got several volumes sitting on my shelf. I’m thinking old style manuals don’t have much use. (also from Nick ;))

And then there are posts about depraved parents everywhere. Jim had one about the gal that stuck her baby in boiling water. Wickle posted about the girl in VA who killed her newborn and legally, she got a pass. Celucian Joseph posted video about the drunk and thieving four year old. Heartbreaking.

Dave Black reads some of the same blogs I read.  Obviously he has good blogging taste. Very cool that one of the author’s I’ve purchased reaches out. (Still got my fingers crossed he might consider a new blogging format though so we could subscribe to it – no beliefnet though! *cough*)

This weekend, I need to read (I’ve got way too many books backlogged for review!). I want to finish up Christmas things for school and make some pralines. I want to clean up my office and the kitchen. Both are an audacious mess!

To end my middle of the night random thoughts here, what is it that makes a blogger courteous – or gracious in your mind? I’m thinking that allowing for discussion without being snarky falls in that category. (This also originated with Nick and I’m thinking he may be out of his writing slump now . . .)


2 thoughts on “It’s the middle of the night

  1. I can’t imagine what bad migraines are like, Ive had two minor ones.

    I’ve thought about how we all make the Bible say what we want it to say to some degree, some more than others as Nick said. But I think those who don’t believe in penal substitution or limited atonement do too… Although with better ‘reasoning’. God isn’t very democratic.

    “Scripture isn’t hard to understand, it’s hard to accept.” –Rich Rhodes

    I hope that wasn’t too ungracious.

    I like the random posts.

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