Christmas movie meme

Jason tagged me for favorite Christmas movies.

The Shop around the corner with Jimmy Stewart. Cute movie and it’s got Jimmy Stewart in it AND it’s not A Wonderful Life. I like that one, but it’s really on overload. I don’t see this one every year, so it’s a real treat when it shows up when I’ve got AMC on.

The Bishop’s Wife. What’s not to like about a gal realizing she really loves her husband.

White Christmas. I love the dance scenes in this one. It is what I put on every year when I put up the trees.

A Christmas Story (This is one movie that I remember laughing so hard I cried the first time I saw it. It’s still good, but not like it was watching it without having a clue what it was about!)

I can’t think of anymore right now that I really look forward to watching each year, but I may add to the list as it gets closer to Christmas.

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