Readers for your computer

I’ve been playing around with reader software this morning. I haven’t downloaded Kindle yet, but I did download some other programs.

I downloaded Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles from FeedBooks to compare.

One is e-reader. It reads books with a  .PBD extension. This morning I’ve only seen romance books (*bleh*) with this extension. This one has a nice index, but if I can’t find a book to download, not sure that’s a good feature. It looks like this one may layout like a book, but of course, I can’t tell yet.

The other is Stanza. It reads books with .epub or .PDF extension. But if you can get the book in PDF, why do you need this reader?I didn’t see an index on the stanza, but I’ve only got two books and they are both open. Very plain – like reading a web page on a white background. There are pulldown menus across the top (like a browser) that allow you to move about the manuscript. Stanza does have a download for IPhone or I Touch. I’m not finding  a way to move around the book like they show on the IPhone video.

Sony Reader software looks like it may be a better choice. The book looks like a book and there is a search mechanism. The book cover even shows up. You can bookmark, highlight, search.


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