I’m back!

. . .  after waking up to WordPress telling me I’d violated the TOS and they’d shut me down. Sometime during the day they released my work and allowed Jack Of All Trades to blog again.

Thanks to Joel for telling the world that I hadn’t become a spammer or an affiliate hound. The hardest part was trying to think of how to get the information out about what happened.

I exported the blog this morning when I saw what had happened and tried to upload it on my old blog over at blogger, but it wouldn’t take. Still may see if there is somewhere to plop it. There is a lot of personal record here that I’d hate to lose.

Edited to add: Matt commented on Joel’s post that he got a response from someone at WP when he reported my blog was down. Now, I’m really wondering why I didn’t. (Not too much wondering though- Still relieved it’s back up!)


10 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Don’t think I didn’t mull that over a few times today, Joel! It would be easier to wait until I get this MLS degree though. any extra going out is, well, extra going out 😉

  2. The blogosphere is again as it should be! *sigh of relief* 😉

    It’s funny you mention not feeling confident about WP–I just posted on how much I prefer it over Blogger! :-0

  3. Hum… if only there was a place you could put your blog where you would have full control of it and know it would never go anywhere….

    let me think about this and I will get back to you if I come up with a place like that.

    Gonna be hard though.

    Full control isn’t usually allowed…

    Having root access or at least knowing the guy behind the scenes usually isn’t something easy to come by..

    Plus it would be great if it were a Christian site that shares your POV….

    All kidding aside, after we go Gold, I would love to help you out with a place if you’re still looking. I will email you sometime about it.

    Take care!

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