Do you really want this job?

These are too funny!

This is just a section:

Your Skills?

• “A woman interviewing for a secretarial position stated as a qualification that if I was having an affair, she could come up with creative cover stories when my wife called.”

• “Interviewing for an opening for a demographics analyst, the candidate said: ‘I’m perfect for the job. By the way, what does “demographics” mean?’ ”

• “I had an interviewee tell me she wasn’t a numbers person—during an interview for an accounting position.”

• “One guy, in response to a question about his skill set, replied: ‘I’ve definitely got a lot to teach you guys.’ ”

• “A person I was interviewing meant to put ‘warehouse experience’ on his résumé. Instead he had typed ‘whorehouse experience.’ ”

• “An applicant asked me if the work was hard—because she had reached a stage in her life in which she wanted to take it easy.”

• “A gal applied for a job as a secretary and listed her strength on her application as ‘poofreading.’ ”


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