This Holiday Weekend

Besides sleeping in, I’ve finished all the essays, quizzes, reading for 6010 and only have left the construction of the term paper on Privacy Issues and Libraries. OK, I may need to do a little more research on the topic if I see any holes. It’s not due until 12/8, so I’m thinking I may pull this off with out too much fret. (This was much of the weekend btw.) Look up articles, visit. Read articles, visit. Take notes on articles, visit. Write, visit. 😉

We got Brandon to the airport so he can be back at church tomorrow.

We went to see a movie, The Blind Side. If you haven’t seen it, it’s wonderful. I’d like to read the book now. It was one of those stories where I kept saying to myself, “Can’t you see God working?!” Amazing!

OH and we went to a WFU BB game Tuesday night. There is another tonight.

I fixed fresh green beans for Thanksgiving day. We got the skinny french ones and I cut off the ends. Washed them, covered them with ice water and several teaspoons of vegetable bouillon. Cooked them for six hours on high. They were fabulous. Still a tad crunchy. mmmmmm


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