Google Wave

I didn’t get an invite? Did you?

Well, here is a form if you are like me and got left out. I don’t know if filling out the form really does any good, but it is there.

They have a very long video to show you everything Wave can do, but here is a shorter video that gives an overview.


4 thoughts on “Google Wave

  1. Isn’t that the way all things new are? I found a great way to add navigation through powerpoint but I can’t figure out how to get it started.

    But on Google Wave, it looks like you really need lots of contacts on it too for it to be effective.

  2. That would have been very useful on team projects when I was working on my Masters. Brian and his friend Mike are starting an independent publishing house, this might be a useful too for collaboration between Texas and South Carolina. hmmm…..

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