Papers or tests?

Which do you prefer?

I used to say I’d rather take a test, but I hate those questions (or answers) that are worded in ways that are nearly impossible to decipher.

I really learn more from writing a paper and I don’t think they take up any more time than the time it takes to properly study for a test.

7 thoughts on “Papers or tests?

  1. I literally have bad dreams of both.

    I would say papers. It’s not just regurgitating memorized stuff that will be forgotten and it helps people learn how 2 rite good. I suppose there are problems in this day and age with plagiarism etc.

  2. As an instructor in a college, I prefer assigning a paper to giving a test. In a paper, I can see progression of thought, or lack thereof. In a test, the student is trying to guess what I’m thinking… and that’s a scary thought. Now, I need to get back to two huge mountains of papers I must grade!

  3. I think I like papers better as a student because I’ve got more control. I’ve taken some doozy tests that I didn’t think fairly represented what we’d worked on in class.

  4. This is for the library science class I’m taking for an MLS. I’m sure the class has a name, but I have called it 6010 so long I don’t remember πŸ˜‰

    This particular paper is on an ethical issue in libraries, so I chose patron privacy which has turned out to be a fairly full topic between the patriot act and children’s issues.

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